Lessons & Activities

The Japanese House at the Boston Children’s Museum is a home where a real Japanese family used to live. An important part of their lives was the changing seasons. They celebrated the seasons with art, food, festivals, and more! Here you will find activities to help you learn about Japanese culture. These activities were designed by BCM staff for students and families.


Learn about Daruma, a symbol of will power and determination.


Make oni masks for good health in the coming spring.

Hina Festival

Celebrate girls and women with Hina dolls.

Sakura Blossoms

Celebrate spring and the beauty of cherry blossoms.

Boys' Day

Make a paper samurai helmet to celebrate Boys’ Day.

Fine-Weather Dolls

Make teru teru bozu dolls for good weather.

Tanabata and Stars

Learn the story of Tanabata and make a wish.

Hachimaki Headbands

Make and wear hachimaki headbands for strength and focus.

Autumn Haiku

Write haiku for the mid-autumn moon and appreciate nature.

Sports Day

Learn about sports in Japan and make a sumo game.

7-5-3 Day

Make a thousand-year-candy bag and wish for long life.

Nenga-Jyo Cards

Prepare New Year’s greeting cards and learn the Japanese zodiac.

Friends From Kyoto

Join Mei on a visit to her tomodachi’s (friends’) home and learn about how they live.

Learn to Use Chopsticks

Learn chopsticks culture and etiquette in Japan and try it yourself!

Japanese Writing

Learn about Japanese writing and give it a try yourself!