Kyo no Machiya

Visiting Kyo no Machiya
Visiting Kyo no Machiya

Explore the Museum’s authentic 100-year old house from Kyoto, Japan!

Miss Kyoto, Our Friendship Ambassador
Miss Kyoto, Our Friendship Ambassador

Miss Kyoto, one of the friendship exchange dolls from Japan. She has been part of the Museum's collection since 1928.

What Makes This a Collection?
What Makes This a Collection?

The Japanese collection at Boston Children’s Museum includes approximately 4,000 artifacts. Explore our collection and try our collections game.

HOME- Arts, Friends, Tohoku

"HOME" is an exhibition of storytelling, imagination, and friendship!

The artwork in the exhibit was created by the student members of the “Art Thinking” project team at Tohoku University of Art & Design in Japan.

Make a Tanabata Wish Card

Learn the story of Tanabata and write a wish on a tanzaku paper.

Summer Festivals masks
Summer Festivals Activity

Learn about summer festivals (natsu-matsuri) in Japan and create a hachimaki headband.


The Japanese House

The Japanese House at the Boston Children’s Museum (BCM) is a well-preserved machiya, a unique architectural form from Japan. Kyoto machiya are now on the World Monument Fund Watch List and the focus of preservation efforts in Japan. The Japanese House website provides access to the Boston Children’s Museum’s rich array of resources for the study, interpretation, and preservation of The Japanese House.